Superfolk - Kombu Kelp Block Print

Superfolk - Kombu Kelp Block Print

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Laminara Digitata or Kombu Kelp is one of the kelp seaweeds. Laminara Digitata is commonly known in Ireland as Oarweed or Sea Ribbon. Known around the world as Irish Moss. One of a range of botanical prints featuring wild foraged edible seaweeds found along the west of Ireland. Rich in Iodine, Laminara Digitata was traditionally used as a fertilizer. Also used in cooking to make a Japanese dashi (stock).

Materials: Hand Burnished, Block Printing Ink onto Japanese Washi Paper (Awagami Okawara)

Colour Range Rust, Dark Olive, Light Olive (Each print is unique. Colours are variable as they are mixed and printed by hand) Size: 640mm x 450mm

Designed and Made by Superfolk in Mayo, Ireland.

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