Skandinavisk - The Escapes Collection

Skandinavisk - The Escapes Collection


This Skandinavisk collection is an olfactory series of escapes into Scandinavian nature - three unique fragrances blended with perfume and rapeseed wax with a 100% cotton wick, poured inside embossed ceramic vases and enclosed with an engraved oak lid.

Lysning (forest glade)  - Mosses & lichens, pine needles & cloudberry.

Rosehave (rose garden) - Alba rose & elderflower, blackcurrant buds & lily of the valley. The Rosehave scented candle is a NYLON magazine 2017 Beauty Award Winner.

Heia (heathland) - Heather & thyme, bearberry & leaf sap

The candle will burn for up to 65 hours.

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